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Ralph Bernard  Alamosa   Marines
Gary Ramstetter Arvada San Jose State Army
Kellen Walters Arvada   Navy
Bill Aschenbrenner Boulder Colorado State Army
Gil Espinoza Boulder Colorado University Navy
Jerry Neitenbach Boulder Oklahoma/Lindenwood  Air Force
Jeremy Miles Brush   Navy
Tristan Brandenburg Brush Naval Academy Navy
Tyson Meza Brush   Army
JM "Mike" McGrath Delta West Point Army Vietnam POW
Trinity Donelow Dolores County   Navy
Jared Thompson Durango   Army
Jim Barnard Fowler   Marines
Art True Fowler   Army
Clay Sigler Fowler   Air Force
Henry Flores Fowler Adams State Army
Jim Harriman Fowler   Navy
Jose Armijo Fowler   Army
Ray Fosdick Fowler   Army
Rob Houston Fowler   Marines
Roy True Fowler Ft Lewis Air Force
Tony Sanders Fowler   Marines
Jon Penfold Ft Lupton   Army
Chuck Walters La Junta Western State Navy
Tom Van Hee La Junta   Army
Jason Blanski Limon   Navy
Miek Alcorn Limon   Marines
Nolan Jolly Limon   Marines
Phil Holmstedt Limon   Army
Bryson Vasquez Loveland UNC Marines
Bud Dahl Loveland   Marines
Carson Bernard Loveland USOEC Marines
Cody Duran Moffat County   Marines
Cole Musgrave Moffat County   Navy
Corey Hixson Moffat County   Marines
Greg Hixson Moffat County   Marines
Kody Linsacum Moffat County   Marines
Cynthia Vallem Moffat County (mgr)   Army National Guard
Brad Weideman Monte Vista Army Team Army
Larry Lane Nucla Colorado State Coll./All Army Team Army
Arron Duff Pueblo South Air Force Academy Air Force
Chris James Pueblo South Army Team Army
Matt Soto Pueblo South   Marines
Nick Garcia Pueblo South   Army
Talon Wright Pueblo South   Navy
Jon Rogers Rampart Air Force Academy Air Force
Matt Gordon Rampart US Military Academy Army
Tim Wrobel Rampart   Navy 
Tom Wrobel Rampart   Navy 
Dee Cline Rifle Mesa State Air Force
Danny White Rocky Ford   Army
Ron Pino Rocky Ford Marines Team Marines
Mike Derock Skyline Air Force Academy Air Force
Joe Arguello  University   Army
Robert Krueger  University   Air Froce
Mike Rotch unknown   Army
Royce Johnson unknown Western State Air Force
Pete Gomez, Jr. Walsenburg Army Team Army
Dutch Nestor Wiggins   Navy
Jeremy Kyte Wiggins   Marines
BJ Peterson Wray   Marines
Charlie Steckman Wray   Navy
Chris Wisdom Wray   Army
Dominick Anderson Wray   Army
Gary Cranmer Wray   Air Force
Gene Soehner Wray   Marines
James Kniese Wray   Air Force
James Weed Wray   Navy
Jim Hills Wray   Marines
Kent Wingfield Wray   Army
Kyle Newbanks Wray   Navy
Matt Weed Wray   Marines
Tyler Newbanks Wray   Navy
Bill Komloske   Colorado University Army
Senator Hank Brown   CU Navy

If you have anybody else you would like to add to the list that were former Colorado wrestlers and had served in the military please feel free to submit via email: Webmaster